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A brief introduction of Zanjan Copper Powder Cobb Meanwhile, the average size of jujube can not be our most used kitchenware, but at least one of the tools we need. “Medium Medium Medium Shiseidu”, as its name suggests, is used to boil milk or other liquids and is made in such a way that it can easily be emptied of its contents. It has a body of copper-metal body and three rows of geometric engraving on its body. The inside of the dish is made of white tin and has plastic hands. With this handle, you can easily move the container and fill the contents. The surface of this millet has a diameter of 14 cm and a weight of about 300 grams. This dish made by Zanjani artists quickly becomes one of the most used kitchens in your home. Copper was used to make dishes because of its ductility and sizzling nature. The heat in the messy dishes is well spread, making it more delicious and the so-called eating. There are, of course, opposing views on the benefits of these containers. Perhaps we should not use these containers to bake all the meals and limit the use of it several times a week. Of course, for copious amounts of copper does not need to be eaten during cooking, as well as in the dishes, as much as possible, avoid acidic or sour foods, as it can destroy tin coatings. To wash these containers it is best to wash them with hands and avoid placing them in the dishwasher.


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