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A brief introduction of the product of Zanjan copper pot diameter of 17 cm. Maybe we should remember the memories of the past by seeing a copper container; containers that were used in our distant past in our homes and were dropped by the arrival of new containers. Of course, this is not the end, and it has been a few years since the use of these containers has flourished. The benefits of copper dishes make it possible to go back to the copper dishes despite the wide variety of cooking utensils in this modern world. A pot, pot or pan is considered to be the main dishes of every home. Since many of our body’s nutrients are supplied through the foods we eat, the dishes we use for cooking can also be very effective. Many doctors recommend using copper containers. A copper pot with a diameter of 17 centimeters in the city of Zanjan, made by artists of this city, weighs more than a kilogram and has one door. On the door is a bunch, and in addition, the two bands are riveted on the body, all of which are made of copper. The nozzle of the pot is smaller than its cross-section and is used for baking stew and broth. Copper has been used to make dishes because of the ductility and aging properties of the old. The heat in the messy dishes is well spread, making it more delicious and so-called food interspersed. There are, of course, opposing views on the benefits of these containers. Perhaps we should not use these containers to bake all the meals and limit the use of it several times a week. Of course, for copious amounts of copper not eaten during cooking, they have been whitened in the copper pot using tin. Also, these dishes should not be as acid or sour foods as possible. Because it destroys the tin coating. Also, to rinse these containers, it is best to wash them and avoid placing them in the dishwasher.


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