Wicker Hall of Najwa Land


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Brief introduction of the Whiskey Warehouse Model The Model 83031 Sprinkle Gallery describes a mattress design, handmade texture and simple tools that produce various products such as baskets and containers. The mattresses are made in a variety of ways, which are usually woven in simple but beautiful designs in the southern cities of Iran. “Warehousing of the Najwa Land Gallery Model 83031 Designated Design” is the local name of Takht, including the products of the southern city of Iran, Minab Hormozgan. This cute product is presented in the form of a cascading bowl of natural leaves of the palm tree. This applied and yet decorative work, as mentioned, is made from palm leaves, which is why it is reversible to the environment. This cute product can be used as a tray or fruit bowl for your party parties, and will convey the good sense of nature to you and your family. It should be said that the mats are cleanly cleaned and cleaned because they are produced in wet areas such as Hormozgan or Mazandaran.

Specialty: Strengths prepared from plant material


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