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A brief introduction to the product of the Messiah Azine Copper Sizes 2 This small copper tray with its beautiful design and originality is a good choice for two guests. Just put small teacups with small sugars on it so you will never miss the delicious evening tea. Due to its traditional and traditional design, this tray brings a warm atmosphere to your reception. What made Zanjani artists different from other similar tracks is the congressional edges and the level of engraving. These designs have been executed artistically. Messier dishes have magnificent fringes, so that they may conjure up the old weather. However, their beauty and specialty are not diminished. Copper was used to make dishes because of its ductility and aging properties. Also, to rinse these containers it is best to wash them with hands and avoid placing them in the dishwasher. With a simple, lovely appearance, Messi’s tray is the perfect choice for your guests.

Review: This hand-crafted copper tray, decorated with traditional designs, can give a beautiful look to your table. This product will make you a delightful host of guests. In addition to using the tea tray, you can use it instead of disposable or other foods. This Messy Tray is a unique and unique product that attracts the attention of artists interested in handmade works.

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