Tight Charming Championship

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Brief introduction of the product Tight pencil The championship code 165009 The design of the flower and chicken The narrow throat The art of crocheting is a branch of the arts industry in which the metals with the ability to bite and, of course, eye-catching metallic mosaics such as silver, copper and rice are used. The paintings used in this artistic branch are Slimini, Khatei and Miniatures. “The tight crochet of the Championship Code 165009 The Flute and Chicken Thin Thick” is a beautiful and unique example of a stinging object that is made of copper and has a distinct form. It has a narrow neck and a stretched, abdominal round and bulky, with four rounded frames arranged with flowers and chicks. All over the body, on the inside and on the throat of this section with traditional and decorative motifs, staring at the eyes. This tightly-matched version is suited to a traditional, even modern style, with a neat blend of space. Copper has a nice finish, which adds a stunning amount of pruners and beautiful engraving; keep in mind that copper is in the vicinity of oxide and oily moisture, so you can use metal polish to remove it.

Expertise: The strengths of decorative and functional use of elegance of the design and circulation of the pen


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