The Place of the Coin of Khatam


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The Place of the Coin of Khatam The Effect of Karroubi on the tear plan


It is better to put together a decent box of jewelry to put up valuable gifts. Since the box that holds anything should fit its contents; a handbag box can be a good choice for putting coins or small jewels. The hand-made jars with a body made by Professor Karroubi in Isfahan have provided it. This “Jasca Khatam Teardal Design”, as its name suggests, is a tear-like form. The length of this elliptical box is about 7 cm and has a height of about 4 centimeters. Its weight is less than 50 grams and its cap is fitted to the body. This junction is made of wood and all its outer surface is decorated with every beautifully decorated. For the interior, the artist has put a slim and plastic layer. This work is made in three colors; one of the colors is golden and the other two colors are crimson and green. This box can be used to place coins or small jewels.

Expert Review:

Strengths: Beautiful design with high build quality

Weaknesses: Inactive parts of the inside of the body

Art value 5

Design 5

Construction quality 4

Purchase value 5

Technical Specifications:

The Place of the Coin of Khatam The Effect of Karroubi on the tear plan


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