The exquisite box of Khatam


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Khatamak Art is one of the most important handicrafts in Iran, with its ancient history and history. The selection of this highly precious gift, “The Masterpiece of Wonderfulness by the size of 40×10 cm, is a valuable and valuable piece of art and history from Iran, built and painted by the valuable artist of this field, Master Velivand.” This signature box is visible to the professor. Important points of this product are the fact that all internal and external levels of this box have been made. The main body of this box is wood, and this box is hinged and durable. Several uses, including jewelery, Quran Bridal Box, etc. can be mentioned for this product. Although this product has been coated and has a relative resistance to moisture, it is noteworthy that all products that have been sealed must be kept away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Expert Review


– The work of the professor with the signature of the professor on the work

– Fine and delicate

– The uniqueness of the effect

-Death to all internal, external and lower levels


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