The crochet bowl of vine and bird codebook


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The crochet bowl pot of the 165001 Tahoe and Bird Planet” is an example of Messi’s beautiful dishes, with a combination of brushing and embossing techniques. This dish has a well-formed, well-formed, tin-plated or so-called tin-plated finish. The role of a bird and a tucky with a beautiful and graceful gracefully and elegantly engraved on this product, and the aramid frame corresponding to the curvature of the pot, is seen in the bottom of it. The base of this vase is simple and without a role model, and the use of this beautifully crafted decorative bowl in its traditional and modern layout, the atmosphere of its lovely dining room and its logical style in any modern and modern layout is suitable and a pleasant atmosphere with originality in the environment. Creates. What to keep in mind is that the copper melt is getting worse over time, and it’s best to use special copper polishes to melt and resurrect the mold.

Specialty: Strengths of the fine elegance of tin-plated pen


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