The basis of the glue of Khatam

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The basis of the glue of Khatam, the effect of Karroubi


A self-adhesive base made by Iranian artists and colored from Iranian culture can make your desk or desk look beautiful. Of course, if you are interested in traditional arts and enjoy the artwork. This “foundation of the glue of Khatam” is one of the examples of these works and is adorned with the art of Khatamkha’s masterful artist Isfahani, the master of “Karroubi”. The outer dimensions of this product are 19 cm long, width is about 7.5 cm and height is 8.5 cm and weighs about 750 g. In addition to its use, this product can be placed on a descriptive desk as an adornment tool. For those who like traditional style, this product can even be a worthwhile gift. The elegant and artistic styling and the euphemistic and beautiful form of this work revives the atmosphere of traditional Iranian culture and art for the audience.

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