The Achaemenid copper base


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For those interested in Iranian art and culture, a charmed copper tufted with beautiful Achaemenid motifs seems to be the perfect choice for home decor. The work with its double-colored background and its elegant and beautiful designs stares at the eyes of every visitor. Artists of the workshop “Resta” have carefully crafted this cute product. “The Achaemenid Copper Foundation, a height of 38 centimeters,” has been designed by artists at the Resta Workshop in Isfahan. The roles are executed on the ground of copper metal covered with tin glaze. In the areas where carving is done, the main color of the copper is seen, and the rest of the roles are tin-colored silver. These motifs are made with very delicate fonts. This vase has a height of about 38 centimeters, and thanks to the use of metal in the frame, its weight of 800 grams is appreciable. This tang is a beautiful handmade art that, with its original Persian design, can, in addition to itself, make your home more beautiful, a space to put your flowers. Bracing is the art of making motifs on metal objects. An artistic performance that is delicately, precisely and bored is one of the most important requirements.


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