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Dishes made by the Iranian artists using the old art and original workshop are so attractive that it is only confirmation for the good taste of its buyers. Of all sorts of arts, it’s not easy to see the turquoise art and combine it with copper. “Tight Turquoise Height 53cm” As a result of the efforts of Isfahan artists, Pars workshop is a striking work. Its height is about 53 centimeters and its diameter is about 15 centimeters. Artists of Esfahani have put on the stone to make this turquoise tight, so that you can see the fineness and precision at the point of the body. The manner in which this work is performed is to first create a crude copper bowl, and then the turquoise artist will carefully place all the turquoise pieces together and with the smallest distance on the dish. The turquoise patches used in this work are Neyshabur’s high-quality turquoise, which are installed by the master on the copper base and finalized.

The art of Firoozehkabi has flourished in our country for the past seventy years. The main pole of this art is the beginning of its prosperity in the province of Khorasan and the city of Neyshabur. After a long time, the main pole of the Firouzkhobi from Neyshabur has moved to Isfahan. Of course, it is not clear that its invention should be due to the efforts of Iranian professors or Russian artists. In our country, copper has always had a special place among the metalworkers, as in the past, our kitchen utensils were made of copper. One of the main reasons why Iranians are interested in this art is its special beauty, because the Iranian people have always been paying attention to the decor and the appearance of their surroundings. The art of turquoise is a piece of art that is made by placing small pieces of turquoise stone in the form of mosaics on the surface of dishes, jewelry and so on. It is noteworthy that the distance between the turquoise parts crammed on the product is less than its quality and value.


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