Smooth Don Bone Slim Design

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A brief introduction of the bone-crust product The Slim design of a hands-on handkerchief with slavic designs can make your table more appealing. With every use of this theme, you can enjoy the beauty and delicacy of traditional Iranian art. The headscarf is made up of women’s make-up items, which holds a retention bag for the head and a device for using the headband. This headache is made from bone and the work of Professor Beheshti is one of the professors of this art in Isfahan. The height is about 7 centimeters and weighs less than 30 grams. The maker used slim designs to decorate this house. This product is available in blue, crimson, green, light green and dark green, and can be beautifully decorated in your room. Using enduring elements of nature to create tools and lasting effects is not new. One of the confused but lovely arts that continues to be among the handicraftsmen in our country is the production of eye-catching products by solid elements like bones. These works, which are usually made by camel or cattle bones, are polished and strange. The Crystal Doll made by Isfahan Gallery Yazdi is one of these products. A small and beautiful container, painted on Iranian painting. The paintings that have survived since the Seljuk era.


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