Seed carpet

Product Description

The brief introduction of the product portfolio of the carpet gallery of example 27015 is considered one of the branches of artistic and localization, which is prevalent in the southern regions of our country. Fibers and leaves of palm trees are considered as the main material for the production of carp products, and this is why this art is prevalent in the southern part of our country. “The Example Cover 27015 Galleries Basket” is a large basket in the form of a basket that provides an example gallery. This basket has a height of approximately 25 cm and has a cap that is completely cape and tight. Considering the dimensions of this basket, it is a good container for legumes, potatoes and washcloths. The artist used this creative product with a variety of textures to make this basket, which has made it look interesting and special. In addition to the applications mentioned, you can use this delicious dish to suit your taste and define other uses for it.

Expertise: Strengths of Elegance in the Texture


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