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Brief introduction of the fruit product of the hirajad pearl template The model of the 79025 tripod model will surely have come to you in order to get one or two guests to fill a large container of fruit with a lot of fruit. Fruits usually have a fairly large size, but it is suitable for just one or two guests. The “Pottery of the Three-Dimensional Mining Design” is presented by the Hiraad Gallery. The height of this product is about 20 centimeters and weighs more than half a kilogram. On the outer part of this work, beautiful and colorful traditional enamel paints are executed, and these motifs are featured on the fruit bowl. The paintings and décor remind us of the tiles of the mosques, and the colors used to paint this product are the same colors that we have always seen in traditional arts: blue, turquoise, serum, orange and yellow. When we dump on the outer surface, we notice the prominence of motifs and colored parts. Colors have created a state-of-the-art high-density coating that is very pleasant. Inside the dishes are covered with garbage, so they can be washed. This product gives you a beautiful look at your home. When we hear the word minaret, we will remember the copper containers made by Firooz. These dishes are usually featured in all the department stores as valuable works, but due to the relatively high price, it is not possible to buy it for everyone. Pottery painter in Laljin, Hamedan, combined two techniques of mincing and pottery, and applied pottery to the market at an affordable price.


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