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A brief introduction of the product of the pottery pottery of the Raggheri Lilac design, the size of the large pottery vase, along with the use of it, can be a decorative product to fit artificial flowers. It is more beautiful to have a ceramic pot, which means that using carpet, velvet, and jajim a new effect is created which is called carpet mosaic. The “Raggherry Pottery Pottery” is a work of art on the carpet that shows a different appearance of handmade carpets in handicrafts. The carpet’s mosaic has a higher ridge than a carpet, and has a better quality and superior quality. Ragghari’s pot, with the design and role of a tulip style model that is carefully prepared, is a unique special effect on the problem of savor. Pink Pots with a size of 63 centimeters in length and 26 centimeters in width, are made of crack and silk. Isfahan carpets are used to make this pot.


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