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A brief introduction of the Pottery Bird’s Workshop A small clay bird next to a book, a pot, a photo frame and the like on the desk of your room or place can be a source of joy and joy. This pottery sculpture with a height of about 5 centimeters and weighing about 100 grams was constructed in the Laljin Soil Factory. This blooming enamel has turquoise, blue, green and black colors that can appeal to traditional art enthusiasts. From the past, people have had a sacred look at the birds. Since ancient times in Iran, due to the diversity and variety of birds, the use of their designs has always been customary in Iranian art, and this could have been the source of inspiration or imitation of Iranian artists. Also, Iranian beliefs and myths have not been affected by this. The role of the bird is very much used in Persian art due to the purity and sanctity of the concept of flight and its relation to the sky, which means the universality, liberation and majesty. Workshop works with about twenty years of experience in the production of pottery and ceramic artistic works. This workshop is located in the city of Laljin, Hamadan province. Laljin is one of the main pottery centers in the world and is known as the Middle East pottery center. In the workshop, the clay products are manufactured in perfectly crafted quality and are glazed with new designs. The name of the workshop is from the combination of soil and water words, which are the main elements of making pottery. Pottery made in this workshop is a good choice for traditional Iranian folk artists due to its high build quality, attractive shapes, beautiful designs and unique glaziness.


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