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A brief introduction of the product of the copper pots of the minaret The effect of Shiraz’s design, 5 cm height, 20 cm, is a colorful, beautifully painted, beautifully painted, beautifully painted vintage painting that has turned it into a full range of Iranian art and culture. Master Shirazi, with his taste and taste, designed and performed this beautiful work for people interested in works of art. This functional product will quickly become one of the main decorations of your home and the perfect space for your beautiful flowers. This vase has a height of about 20 centimeters and weighs 235 grams. Elegant and beautiful Arabic paintings have been performed on the outer surface of this vase and have great effect on beauty. Such works are mostly made for decoration, and they alone have a beautiful look. The field of the pot is made of copper, which is first covered with a white enamel, and in the later stages it has taken a beautiful look. Painted metal works, unlike their subtle appearance, are not easily damaged. Their surface is made of high-profile, and beautiful designs fitted on this surface, in line with these high and dense surfaces. Maybe it’s interesting to know that this pot is painted in several steps and is in the furnace to come to the stage. It’s worth a lot of precision and effort because of this great effort.

Review: If you are interested in Iranian noble craftsmanship and want to decorate your house with traditional works, be sure to look at this vase. A beautiful piece made of copper, the surface of which has been prominently made and implemented in the space between the prominences, the sculpture of Slavic. Master Shirazi, with his skill and with the help of enamel paints, has made this metal pot a great deal. Due to its elegance, it looks brittle at first, but when it comes to metal, it’s easy to maintain and maintain.


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