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A brief introduction of the product of the copper-pomace pot The effect of Shiraz’s Slim sketch of a height of 15 centimeters The artistic mix of Slavic designs with a lazium background makes this beautiful handicraft pot a genuine and lovely effect. This pot, in addition to its beauty, is a symbol of Iranian arts and crafts. “The copper pot of minaret Shirazi, the Slalom design, 15 centimeters high” with its beautiful design and design, is an ideal space for your house’s flowers. The artwork presented by Master Shirazi has an altitude of about 15 centimeters and a weight of about 150 grams. The underlying effect of copper is made and very resistant. Slim designs and regular paintings have been done with delicacy using enamel paints on this pot. The surface of this pot is quite smooth and all the designs on this level are performed by the hands of the artist. The pot is stained in several stages and is placed in the furnace to reach the customer’s stage of delivery. The value of these works is due to their great difficulty and abundance. This pot can quickly find its place in the corners of your home as a representative of the traditional Iranian arts.

Review: If you are interested in Iranian noble craftsmanship and want to decorate your house with traditional works, be sure to look at this vase. A beautiful piece of metal made of copper whose surface was made smooth and polished and executed on a slalom. Master Shirazi, with his skill and with the help of enamel paints, has made this metal pot a great deal. Due to its elegance, it looks brittle at first, but when it comes to metal, it’s easy to maintain and maintain.


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