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A brief introduction to the product of the Giza of Copper Mint The effect of Shiraz Project 2 Miniaturization of a beautifully applied product of Iranian folk arts will attract the attention of all interested people. Those who want to use handcrafted items in their home space. “Peppermint copper” has a height of 21 centimeters and weighs less than 250 grams, which has been captured by the master “Shahin Shirazi” in Isfahan. This product is named after her, and maybe the name of this container is not indifferent to his constructive city. The name of Gaz who comes in comes to Isfahan, and maybe that is why a container with this application will be made in Isfahan and by the masters of this city. However, it can also be used to put chocolate. This product consists of two parts: the body of the container and its cap. Due to its application and damage that may be due to its contents, the cap is the product of this product. The process of making this product was such that, first, the copper mesh is highlighted by the professor Khalazen, then designed by Master Minaak and placed in the furnace. This can be seen as a decoration, and can also be placed inside it, sugar or chocolate, and used for daily use. This product is durable and can be washed due to its copper and enamel paints that are cooked inside the oven.


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