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The introduction of the glossary of the product of the copper pitcher of the guinea pig Ismaili effect of the model Sarahei Slimic design with a height of 15 cm Traditional beauty designs on the surface of this copper pit has made it a valuable and original Iranian art work. “A copper pitcher of pennies A model of glossy sketch of 15 cm height” is a work of Ismaili master who has been designed and implemented with great skill and beauty. Contrary to the delicate and fragile appearance of this product, its material is of copper and has a high resistance. Slim designs and regular paintings are applied elegantly, precisely and beautifully with the use of enamel paints on this pitcher. The surface of the pitcher is smooth and polished and is stained in several stages and placed in the furnace to reach the customer’s stage of delivery, and the value of these works is due to the great effort, accuracy and plenty of it. The height of the pitcher is about 15 centimeters and weighs about 158 ​​grams. In order to make it easier to use, a bunch for this product has been added to its beauty. This Isfahani artist has made the pitch in various color themes such as red, blue and black and has been made available to traditional Iranian folk artists. This beautiful work can be an appropriate choice as a gift to lovers of Iranian art.


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