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A brief introduction of the product of the minaret mirror by Khorramnejad. A 33 × 47 cm mosque design. The Mirror of the Moon is a mosque design that features Iranian artists with their own taste and creativity. The work designed and executed by Isfahani’s master “Kharmanjhad” and covered its metal frame with traditional Persian designs. You can put it on the table, along with the rest of your home decor. This effect can even be a peppermint’s mirror. The artist used enamel paints that dominated the turquoise, azure and cream colors. The frame has a height of about 47 cm and a length of about 33 centimeters. After placing the mirror inside the frame, the artist is sticking on the back of that single piece of wood to remain steady. In addition to using a wooden base, you can put it on the table. The weight of this mirror is about 2kg, which can be appreciated by the metal frame. Its form is similar to the architecture of mosques and is therefore known as a mosque. This beautiful work can be placed on the table, on the shelves of decorative items, and even on a tabletop of seventies and beside vases and similar dishes, and enjoy the beauty and authenticity of Iranian art in the arrangement of your home.


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