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Introducing the glossary of the product of the copper plumage plate The effect of Shiraz’s 20 cm diagonal slime sketch of the Azure field and traditional, beautiful designs has created a spectacular combination of this puddle plate that gazes at the eyes of every visitor. The delicate paints on the metal surface of copper brings the soul of the genuine Iranian art to your home. “Copper-plated copper plate of Shirazi, Slavic design, 20 cm in diameter” is a work that can quickly find its place as a beautiful sign on your home wall. This beautiful work has been presented by Master Shirazi in the city of Isfahan. The plate is circular in shape with a diameter of about 20 centimeters. Delicate designs are performed on this plate. Such plates are made exclusively for decoration, and on the back there is a ring for hanging on the wall. The background material of this work is made of copper and, unlike its subtle appearance, is not easily damaged. The surface of the plate is smooth and polished, and all the designs on it are executed with the hands of the artist. It may be interesting to know that this plate is stained in several steps and is in the furnace to reach the stage. The value of these works is also due to their great effort, accuracy and plenty.

Review: If you are interested in Iranian noble craftsmanship and want to decorate your house with traditional works, be sure to look at this plate. This beautiful piece of metal is made of copper and on it, the slavic slavic is performed. Master Shirazi, with its own skill and using enamel colors, has made this metal plate a great achievement. Due to its elegance, this effect is initially brittle, but when it comes to metal, it’s easy to maintain and maintain.


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