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A brief introduction of the product of the copper plate of the minaret The rare effect of the design of the 16 cm diameter Qatar If you want original, beautiful and worthwhile gifts that you can be sure of a good memorable of you and Iranian art, dishes decorated with pug, such as “penny copper plate The rare effect of Khatami’s design is one of your best choices. The pug is from the old, but at the same time, prolific and beautiful arts, whose final result is even spectacular even in small dimensions. Like this small dish, which may seem cozy, but for all people, the art is used. This plate is made of copper and is painted on it with precision. One of the features of this plate is its shape. Isfahan artists have considered rounded edges with triangular shape for this plate. This seemingly simple form could have made it easy to distinguish between the plate and the artwork in question. The bright blue color that is intended for the background makes the other colors and motifs look brighter. In addition to the fact that this delicious dish can be decorated as a decoration on the table or as a wall-hung, decorating space, you can use it as a small dish for serving chocolate and small sweets at parties. Painted metal works, unlike their subtle appearance, are not easily damaged. Their surface is smooth and polished and beautiful motifs are placed on its surface. It may be interesting to know that this chocolate color is stained in several steps and is in the furnace to reach the stage. It’s worth a lot of precision and effort because of this great effort.


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