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A brief introduction of the Cuisine Mozzines Cuisine A basic model of a 4-D size design. It is enough to make a variety of sweets in the “Sour Cream of Messi” to turn the reception of guests into a sweet and sweet one. The elegant form of this sweets in addition to providing you with a host of flavors, gives you traditional and Iranian temperaments. One of the fascinating features of this sweetener is its design, with a clear shape. The other thing is the two sides that we see on the outer surface of the tray. These categories also help to move it and create a beautiful appearance. Messier dishes have magnificent fronts so that they may conjure up the old weather, however, its beauty and specificity are not diminished. The external and internal surface of this sweetener is homogeneous of copper and no whitening. Copper was used to make dishes because of its ductility and sizzling nature. The heat in the messy dishes is well spread, and this makes the food feel more delicious and so-called. In these dishes, as much as possible, acidic or hot sour foods should not be shed, as it destroys tin coating. Also, to rinse these containers it is best to wash them with hands and avoid placing them in the dishwasher. This copper pastry is an outstanding and elegant selection for party catering.


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