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A brief overview of the product of the copper pitcher of the copper project. Hammer mill of the size 2 “Copper pitcher, sampling plan, size 2” completes the traditional layout of your table. This pitch, a drama of Iranian fine art, has been produced by Zanjan artists. The capacity of this copper pit makes it suitable for a variety of beverages such as water, syrup and dough. Perhaps in the first view, the size of this pitcher seems small; but in addition to high-income families, it is a good companion to the table of people living alone. The tiny details on this model have added to its attractiveness. One of the fascinating features of this pitcher is the lush hand that made it easy. Messier dishes have magnificent fronts, so that they may conjure up the old weather, yet their beauty and specialty are not diminished. The distinction between the outer surface of copper color and the color of the internal silver made from whitening with tin, has added to the beauty of this dish. Copper was used to make dishes for the sake of its ductility and hammeriness. The heat in the messy dishes is well spread, making it more delicious and so-called “dipping” food. In these dishes, as much as possible, do not pour acidic or sour foods because it removes the tin coating. Also, to rinse these containers it is best to wash them with hands and avoid placing them in the dishwasher. This small copper pitcher with its tangled appearance is the perfect choice for the reception desk.

– Review: Some dishes are not only attractive on the reception desk, but if they are in the corner of the room, they alone attract the attention of others and add to the beauty of space. “The copper pitcher, the sampling plan, size 2” is a dish of this kind. This copper pitcher shows simplicity in a traditional style. Just put this pitcher in the middle of your desk or decor so that you can see the warmth that comes to your mind.

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