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“A 24 cm high turquoise” is a valuable piece of art that creates a beautiful glow of candlelight in your home. This beautiful work at the master workshop “Aghajani” was designed and executed by Isfahan artists and was given to the enthusiasts of this art by the site of Hindi Arts. This product, which is also very beautiful, is made of a combination of copper and turquoise. A typical narrow candle can be placed inside it and enjoy its light and brightness. The height of this candlestick is about 24 centimeters and the width is about 9 centimeters. The way this work is performed is that the body of raw copper is first created, and then the turquoise artist carefully places all the turquoise pieces together and with the least distance on the dish. The turquoise patches used in this work are Neyshabur’s high-quality turquoise, which are installed by the master on the copper base and finalized. This beautiful handmade, blended with copper and turquoise stone, combines the beauty of cosmic colors and copper that can shine beautifully in your living room.


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