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Iranian art is always seen in all parts of the Iranian life and is closely linked to the everyday lives of people. Chess is one of the sports that has been considered by artistic craftsmen due to its importance among Iranian families. “The Chateau Chateau Model of the Pillar Model of the Illumination Project” is a work created by Professor Karroubi in Isfahan. The thing to know beforehand is that this chessboard does not have its own seals, and you can customize your belts for this page. This work, like most of the pages of Khatam, was made as a box that should be opened and placed on a flat surface, and was prepared by engaging the pieces for an appealing mental activity. The length of this page is about 50 centimeters and weighs about two kilograms. The value of this work is due to its beautiful styling, which has been carried out with great elegance. In addition to the designs of Khatamkar, the painting also features a traditional Iranian illuminated exterior and interior exterior. With this product, there are 32 black and white rods, which can be used in conjunction with the interior design of this product for playing backgammon. The vertebrae are made of wood and are made to fit the plate.

The art of decorating the surface of objects is similar to a mosaic, with a small triangle, called chaumatry. Different designs are created by the combination of regular geometric shapes. The triangles are the smallest parts of Khatam’s constituent that make them wood, metal and bone. The more triangles are finer and the more triangles are used, the more triangles are used on the surface, the better. This art has flourished in Iran, especially in Shiraz and Esfahan, about 400 years ago.

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Kharat Chessboard Effect of Karroubi Column Model Length 50 cm


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