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Brief introduction of the product of the stamping plate. The effect of Khorram, a 3 cm diameter design, of 30 cm. A daisy decorated with beautiful traditional motifs executed with all the elegance on the metal surface, can shine in your home as a representative of Iranian art. The design of flowers, chimneys and designs made in this work has been prominently featured. These beautiful designs are executed on a 30 cm diameter plate made of copper. Tin plated on this plate, which gives it a beautiful look. This plate can be placed inside the shelves and even installed on the wall. Bracing is the art of making motifs on metal objects. An artistic performance that is delicately, precisely and bored is one of the most important requirements. The role of flowers and chicken continues to be the most popular engraving on many metal works and is one of the most popular designs. The work of art in stamping is as follows: first, the painter should draw a blueprint on the surface of the metal to be executed. In the next step, the inside or outside of the work is filled with molten bitumen, and after the bitumen is tightened, using a hammer and a pen, they begin to run. Pouring bitumen in order to dry the container or prevent it from breaking through the impact of a hammer and pen. Fonts have different types and they are made in different shapes according to the design and method of work. Artistic artists usually make their own font based on the type they need. Copper or brass flat plates or plates are the most common areas for engraving art and are sometimes covered with silver or tin enamel.


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