Dracula Wassery Groundhog


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A brief introduction of the product of the Drake Wisery of the Najwa Land Model, Model 83035. The rectangular design is surely important for many people today, having a natural container and a product made entirely of natural and harmless material. Among the plates that have these features are wicker containers that are produced in various parts of Iran. “Drake Wisery of the Najwa Land of Model 83035 Rectangular Design” is a collection of locally produced dishes and dishes that are produced in the Mining Nourish Gallery of Minab Hormozgan. This cute product is characterized by a simple texture in the form of a small rectangular container. It can be decorated either as a nutspot or as a needle and needle. Of course, using this wicker effect will bring the desired sense of the use of natural products to you and your spaces. It is easy to clean and wash wicker containers, because they do not deteriorate by washing.

Specialty: Strengths of Natural Materials


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