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A brief introduction of the product of the copper oxide bowl. The three-dimensional model of the engraving design, size 3. No role, such as roles drawn from the roles of the elite, represents Iran and is not authentic. Especially if these designs are engraved on copper containers, you can be sure that your table is a beautiful table with a completely traditional Iranian and traditional atmosphere. “Massey Azine Copper Bowl” is a three-dimensional engraving model of the 3rd “, which is a drama of Iranian fine art, produced and presented by Zanjan artists. The capacity of this bowl is suitable for a variety of snacks, small fruits, chocolates and more. The details of the engraved engraving on this bowl have added to it. One of the attractive features of this bowl is considering a small trunk in its design. These bases give it a sophisticated look, and has been simplified with beautiful engraving and artists on it. The other thing is the two hands that we see on the outer surface of the bowl. These categories also help to move it and has created a beautiful appearance. Messier dishes have magnificent fronts so that they may conjure up the old weather, however, its beauty and specificity are diminished. The distinction between the outer surface of copper color with the color of white tulip made with tin, has added to the beauty of this dish. Copper was used to make dishes because of its ductility and sizzling nature. The heat in the messy dishes is well spread, and this makes the food feel more delicious and so-called. In these dishes, as much as possible, acidic or hot sour foods should not be shed, as it destroys tin coating. Also, to rinse these containers it is best to wash them with hands and avoid placing them in the dishwasher. With its engraved appearance, this Messy Bowl is the perfect choice for serving and decorating the table.


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