Clockwork of Karvubi


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Clockwork of Karvubi effect with elliptical pewter plate


This hour shows the combination of two precious Iranian art that has been beautifully adjacent to each other, the Mollusk and Khatam. The wall of this watch is made of copper and is pinned on it. The clock frame is a rectangle with a weight of less than 2 kilograms. The elliptical form is empty in this frame, which is the location of the clock screen. The masterpiece of this frame was made by Professor Karroubi in Isfahan and its golden color is dominant. The golden color of the azure-colored frame has created a beautiful blended clock.

The art of decorating the surface of objects is similar to a mosaic, with a small triangle, called chaumatry. Different designs are created by the combination of regular geometric shapes. The triangles are the smallest parts of Khatam’s constituent that make them wood, metal and bone. The more triangles are finer and the more triangles are used, the more triangles are used on the surface, the better. This art has flourished in Iran, especially in Shiraz and Esfahan, about 400 years ago.

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Clockwork of Karvubi effect with elliptical pewter plate


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