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Chinchilla product introduction Pearl Maybod Workshop Sun Mrs. Womens Service 16 Fabric If you are interested in handicrafts and are looking for a bowl that you can use for everyday use, these handmade Chinese dishes are the perfect choice for you. Chinese dishes are usually made for everyday use. A service of sixteen teaspoons is made at the Pottery Workshop of the Meybod Pearl of Yazd, which includes a teapot, a candy bar, and six cups and saucers. This product can be used for tea serving in small parties. The color of the background is a teal, white, and over-themed blue moon blue design in the middle of the painting. The role of Mrs. Sun in the Iranian arts has been widely used. In this design, the sun is shown in the form of a woman who has a small, continuous eyeball, with her black hair on her face. Around the role, the bird’s plot is repeated. Unlike crystal containers, Chinese dishes do not get hot in contact with hot food, and they can not easily be cold and warm. These containers do not have any toxic and harmful substances, and in their washing it is better not to use bleachers and tough objects such as dishwashing to avoid glazing. The major difference between ceramic and porcelain is related to their cooking temperature. The maximum baking temperature of ceramic dishes is 1100 degrees, while Chinese dishes are cooked at 1400 degrees and are heavier and durable. From the beginning, humans needed dishes daily for their daily use, initially dishes were made with rock and wood, and the evolution of the making of dishes from flowers and pottery to ceramics and china continued. Chinese containers, as their name suggests, were first produced in China. The history of this art dates back to a few thousand years ago, and samples of Nafisi are kept in the world’s famous museums.


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