Chestnut Flower Pot


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The “Chestnut Potter Championship Code 165005 Chicken and Flower Plan” is an example of a zipper on the copper that is decorated in addition to the function of the pot. Round frames with their glomorgas’ motifs in the form of a short and round shape of this pot are well matched and fit in the whole fun box of the roster. Flute and chicken dishes of the container, Rhizome motifs, and Slimy frame are made to work more beautiful and beautiful. The size of the dish is suitable for decor on the desk, honey and open-air kitchen, giving the space a touch of color. You can use traditional desks and cashmere tableware to create more harmony with this beautiful vase with ambience. Copper is oxidized in the presence of moisture. To remove this problem, apply a scrape to a molten metal wort and gently dip onto the dish.

Specialty: Strengths of elegance and precision of design and engraving


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