Chestnut cutlery box


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If you are looking for handmade craftsmanship to select your home appliances, it’s likely that a cutlery box, which has been stamped with traditional, traditional designs, looks appealing to you. A box that stays on the table at your home and welcomes you to the guests. The artist of Esfahani, the master of “Kharmanjhad” is decorated with beautiful art. This box of handkerchiefs made of rice and covered it with an embroidered silver. The box is in the form of a cubicle with a hinged lid opening and you can use it. On it, the beautiful designs of flowers and chicken have been crooked and skillfully crafted. Meanwhile, there are also Slavic motifs. The length of the box is about 21 cm and the width is about 12 cm. Considering the four base metal sizes for the box, its height is 8 centimeters. The “Chicken Cutlery Box”, which is a work of the Charming Master, can be considered as an acceptable product to cater to your guests.


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