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Introduction to the product of the collection of Ceramic Haftsin Containers Gallery Naghme Code 126018 The Norouz celebration is the most important ancient Iranian celebration in the calendar year. Starting and delivering a blessed year can make a calm and calm year. Haftesin’s table is one of the most important items for the beginning of the new year and the delivery of the year that Iranians believe should be held in the best of beauty. “Ceramic Haftsin Ceramic Sets of Nagam Code 126018 Gallery” are from the products of Naghmeh Gallery, which are made for the Haftesin table and are finely tuned. This sophisticated collection includes a large bowl for bridesmaids and six small bowls or bowls for other items of the Haftesin table. The paintings that are seen on these dishes are a form of simple and rhythmic leaves that have been worked on with the technique of increasing role on ceramics. The color that is intended for this product is Firoozy, which is perfectly suited to the traditional Haftesin table. The dishes are cooked in the oven and can be completely rinsed.

Specialty: Strengths of elegance and good glaze quality


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