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Beautiful designs of flowers and chicken that have been performed with the hands of the master artist Kharmanjhad beautifully on this pot, has made it a beautiful and lovely piece that attracts the attention of traditional Iranian folk artists. The “Snap-on Vase” height of 20 centimeters has a unique look at this product and has made it an engaging trait of Iranian arts. A pot made from copper and traditional craftsmanship is beautifully highlighted on it. This pot was designed and implemented by one of the professors named Isfahani in this art named “Kharmanjhad” master. This beautiful work can be seen as a valuable and decorative work of the Iranian art and culture in your home. The embellished surface and its elegant form in highly-embellished designs, as well as its elegance and precision in making this panel, at first glance, draw attention to it. To decorate this pot is not considered an enamel and is the same color of copper. The height of the pot is about 20 centimeters and it can be justified due to the use of metal in the 240-gram weight. This vase is a handmade, beautiful piece of art that can be used as a space for your flowers with your original Persian designs, in addition to making your home more beautiful.


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