Carvigno statuettes of octagonal tablecloth


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If you are interested in handmade works and look for a beautiful, original design on your desk, take a look at this piece of work. Representative of Iranian handicraft arts, which is beautifully designed by the outstanding professors of this art. A product that, in addition to having two spaces for automatic placement, has a small space to put your business cards. “The Octagonal Table Tissue” was designed and implemented by the artist Isfahani, Professor Karroubi. On this pencil, graffiti designs have been beautifully executed. The length of the pencil is about 19 centimeters and the width is about 15 centimeters. The weight of this product is about 357 grams. This beautiful piece of wood is made of wood, and its faces are covered with beautiful laminate sheets. The two gold-plated metal parts, which are automatically placed, are mounted on it. This fancy design with its original design, as a functional product, will find its place on the desktop. This work of art is a worthy, lasting and original gift for artists and calligraphers.


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