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Carousel chocolate cartoon. Carousel effect. Small square quadrilateral


“Shrubs of Khatam, Karroubi’s Effects of the Small-Scale Quadrangle” is a beautiful hand-made piece of wood that is made of wood and brings to your home-table the front of Iranian noble arts. This work is presented by the professor Karroubi in Isfahan and has a mercurial form. Its beautiful body with its elegant and artistic design gives you the state of art of Iranian culture and art in the old days to your home. The body of the container is made of wood, which is adorned with the art of the hand of this Isfahan artist with the art of decoration. The cross-sectional area of ​​the square is about 13.5 centimeters and its height is about 11 centimeters. The art of old, popular art is popular among people. The entire exterior of the body in this formwork with geometric shapes in various sizes is trimmed with elegance and art. What makes this product worth more is that its inner surface is the same as the outer part of the mattress. The charming form, wooden bases and cap have created a charming, luscious, and brilliant product that can be used to place precious jewelry. In addition to its application in the reception of guests, its design is such that it can be placed alone on our desk and decor as a precious décor. For those who are interested in the traditional and original style of this chocolate bar, it is a worthwhile gift.

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Carousel chocolate cartoon. Carousel effect. Small square quadrilateral


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