Box of bone and chicken leaves of turquoise background

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Introducing the Product Overview The Bone Box The Flower and Chicken Pattern The turquoise background is a gift for creating happy moments and bringing a smile to our loved ones. Without a doubt, a box-shaped box for a valuable gift will make it more effective. This box is made of bone. On it, we see the flower scheme from the Seljuk, Safavid, and Qajar times in Iranian art. The door of this box is hinged in a hinged manner. Inside the main door, another door is provided to protect the contents of the box when the door is open. The height and width of this box is 5 centimeters and the length is 9 centimeters. The “bone box of the Flower and Chicken Planet” is a small fit for the ring and jewelry on the table. Just as it alone can be a beautiful gift, a worthy friend is also a viable choice to donate coins and jewelry. The use of enduring elements of nature to create tools and lasting effects is nothing new. One of the confused but loving arts that remains among the artistic craftsmen of our country is producing eye-catching products with solid elements like bones. These works, usually made from camel bones and other lobsters, have a sleek surface. The art professionals who have been decorated with the art of Iranian culture and culture are restored to authenticity.


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