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A brief introduction of the product of the bowl and copper plates of the minaret The 16-cm Isma’ili Qatar is a peace of color Turquoise, a beautiful form and enchanting delicacy are the first things to come to mind when you see this work. Persian art has always been rich in fine detail, elegance and precision; exactly what is found in this product of the pug. A circular dish with a diameter of about 16 cm and a bowl with a diameter of 11 cm is placed on it. The iconic masterpiece of the Ismaili masterpiece in Isfahan has been executed on a beautifully crafted design. These paintings are painted on the ground with paintings of turquoise. Such dishes, besides being decorative, can be used for use on a tablecloth or placing nuts on the home table. The background material of this work is made of copper, and unlike its subtle appearance, it is not easily damaged. The surface of the bowl and the plate is outstanding, and the shape and shape of the shapes that it has, can be attractive to any viewer. It may be interesting to know that this product is stained in several stages and is placed in the furnace to reach the supply stage, and its value is due to the great effort, precision and plenty of it. They decorate metals, especially precious and semi-precious metals such as copper with enamel, pink or miniature paint on fire. In general, enamel is the art of soil and fire, which works with metal sparkling colors. The history of this art dates back to 1,000,000 years ago, and Isfahan is the cradle of this art. The art of pug in Iran has been manifested more than elsewhere and the oldest examples of pug art in the world’s museums have been made by Iranians. The enamel colors are made up of metal oxides mixed with glass materials, and then coated in the furnace after being placed on the metal. Gold and silver objects can also be pinned, but basically pennies are made on copper. This art involves complex chemical interactions and is considered a laboratory art. To make poured pans, the Minnacle artist is fully involved with the control of fire and heat at all stages of production.


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