Bone Tone Heavenly Flower and Chicken


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Brief introduction of the bone pencil product The paradise effect of the flower and chicken design 3 Fonts, pens, self-tapes and psychedelics that create beautiful and eye-catching lines by the hands of the calligraphic artist require a slick place. “The bone tone of Heavenly Flower and Chicken Planet 3” is a traditional artwork used by calligraphy artists. This pencil is provided by Isfahan artists from bone. On it, a picture of a beautiful and popular flower and chicken is decorated with happy, natural and vivid colors. The length of the pencil is about 20 centimeters and its width and height are 4 centimeters. The weight of this product is about 300 grams. For ease of use, the calligraphy is designed to open and close it as a slider. Considering the thickness of the box itself, the space inside it decreases somewhat, which needs to be taken into account with the length of the pen and its number. The inside of the box has a length of about 15 cm and a width and height of about 2 centimeters. This pen can be easily carried and placed in Kiev. This work of art is a lasting and original gift for artists and calligraphers.


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