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Introducing the product’s glossy bony box The Effect of Chicken and Chicken Design This “Chicken and Bone Chop Box” is a great product that you can use to put your precious jewelry. Professor Kheirabadi in Isfahan has decorated this beautiful work with his skill in painting. This beautiful artist and taste of flowers and chicken designs are designed to decorate this beautiful product. The product is made of a camel’s bone and is designed in a very stylish way after connecting and finalizing it. The lid of the box is hinged open and closed. In addition to the original, another cover is provided to protect the contents of the box while the main door is open. This small cap has a design that is appropriate to the box design and completes its role at the time of openness in the original. The length of the box is about 9 centimeters and the cross is about 4 centimeters. Its form remains on the rectangular cube, over which the crescent is round and round. This beautiful box can be used as a place for small jewelry on the makeup table. As it alone can be a beautiful gift, it can be used to donate coins and jewelry as a viable choice. The use of enduring elements of nature to create tools and lasting effects is nothing new.


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