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Product overview Bone Box Paradise Paradigm Rug Parapet The small size of a camel bone box that is suitable for fitting small jewelry and can be used as a box to suit our precious gifts. A box made by Isfahan artists and its compact appearance is suitable for putting jewelry and fine jewelry. The “Bone Box of the Small Size Carpet Illustration”, performed by Professor Beheshti in Isfahan, and Professor Kheirabadi has performed beautifully illuminated designs beautifully and elegantly. The box door is hinged open and closed. In addition to the main door, another door is included to protect the contents of the box while the main door is open. This small cap has a design that fits the box design and completes it when the main door is open. The length, width and height of the box are about 4 cm and its shape remains to a cube above the crescent and round form. This cute box is also available as a ring and jewelry on the makeup table. As it alone can be a beautiful gift, it can be used to donate coins and jewelry as a viable choice. The use of enduring elements of nature to create tools and lasting effects is nothing new. One of the confused but loving arts that remains among the artistic craftsmen of our country is producing eye-catching products with solid elements like bones. These works, usually made from camel bones and other lobsters, have a sleek surface.


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