Bone Box Paradise Model of Flower and Chicken

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Introduction to the product of the bone box The Paradise Effect of the Parrot Model of Flower and Chicken Design 3 The effect of low gift boxes is not self-giving. Especially if we intend to donate coins or jewelry, we certainly look for a decent box. “Bone Box of Paradise Paradise Model of Flower and Chicken 3” is a noble and functional box of bone that can meet our needs. Isfahan artists have adorned it with a piece of familiar and popular designs of chives and flowers. These designs remind of Iranian originality. This lightweight box with a weight of about 80 grams alone is a lasting gift. The length of this box is about 7 centimeters and its width is 5 centimeters and its height is 3 centimeters. Considering the thickness of the box itself, the space inside it decreases somewhat, if you intend to put some specialty in it, you need to be considered. For access, it is designed to be hinged to open. Isfahan artists have been using the finest and precise design of this product together. By purchasing this work of art and putting it next to the mirror, you can wake up every morning and feel satisfied with your purchase.


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