Basic stomach bowl


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If you are looking for a nice and suitable dish to fit your nuts, and you want to choose it from the works of art, look at this well-laid bowl. Beautiful and fascinating product that brings the authenticity of traditional Iranian art. The masterpiece of “Kharmanjhad” master in Isfahan has stuck with the hands of his artist, “The bowl of a standard model with a height of 24 cm.” You can use this beautiful effect as a fruit bowl or nuts, and even put it in the decoration among other home decorations. This metal bowl, which is covered with elegant and beautifully decorated flowers and chicken, with a beautiful, elegant and lovely look, will quickly find its place in your home. All its parts are painted by Isfahani’s handsome and tasteful artists and are a valuable and original work. Rice metal designs are designed with a delicate pen. In the end, all parts of the bowl are covered with silver lining. The height of the container is 24 centimeters with a base calculation. Due to the use of metal in the construction, its weight of 880 grams is appreciable. This dish is a handmade, beautiful piece of art that can affect your home space with your original Persian designs.


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