Portraying or Miniature

Portraying is one of the oldest handicrafts in Iran and enjoys a long history. It is inferred from the historical studies that Iranian miniaturists have changed the Chinese design , coloring , and statuary by their own concepts and talent and have made many changes in them . During the Safavids dynasty when Isfahan was chosen as the capital of Iran and the center of Handicraft , portraying was also flourished in this city . With the support for the artists , painters , and portrayers , very dexterous and skillful portrayers whose masterpieces are now decorating the museums of the world emerged . Due to the expansion of the relation between Iran and Asian and European countries during this epoch , Iranian art was introduced to foreign countries and the Safavids period was the beginning of a new chapter in  the history of Iranian Miniature . During the present period , Iranian miniature enjoyed a bright manifestation and within the recent century so many magnificent works have been created that elaborating on it will become lengthy . The tools and the implements needed by a miniaturist is very limited compared to other Iranian arts. The tools required by a miniaturist are :

1-Abrush :

in the past artists used the soft fur of a squirrel , a cat , and a sable .


2- Miniature painting canvas :

A board , paper , a cardboard , wood fiber , ivory , bone , and recently Marbel stone by Mehrdad Babaei and etc.


3-Color :

Most miniaturists have used their own hand –made colors.


The methods employed in miniature are :

Spiritual watercolor miniature , niello miniature , white – pen miniature , and under – oil –coated miniature which are not only used for the decoration of historical buildings and many great artists of the Safavids period decorated the walls of Aighappo , Chelsotoon (forty columns) , and Hashtbehesht (eight heavens) , but also there are hundreds of works including album covers , book pictures , mirror frames , and the like which are exhibited in the museums of Iran and abroad for aesthetes.

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