Gold – studding and sign making

Sing making and alongside with it the making of steel statues are among the metal arts. Making implements for mourning ceremonies and for tragedy songs are among the major products of sign – making branch . The material employed is often steel which is shaped by hand and hammer through all stages of production and at the end all the pieces are connected to each other and then the work- piece is polished.

In addition to common tools , steel is also used for the making of banners . In addition to its steel blades , the banners usually encompass figures of some birds , animals , and Boragh (a fast moving horse) as well as vase and candlestick. All of these figures are connected to a rod on which the frame rests and the scared names are gold studded on the blades of the banner especially on the middle one which is longer than others .
Finally , the prepared sample of the work – piece is gold studded and decorated . First , all the pieces considered for being gold studded are scratched by a special knife and the intended design is carved on the surface of the steel . A gold wire as thick as a human hair is then placed in the carved grooves and is beaten by a hammer so that the gold wire is completely hidden in the groove . Then with a piece of jade stone the work piece is so much polished that the gold and the steel are welded together . At present , gold studding on the statues of birds and animals such as peacock , deer , lion , etc, are carried out . A steel and gold studded work – piece under construction (statue , blade or other cases ) should enjoy proper quality . Appropriate , artistic , and meticulous molding , filing , and polishing add to the value of the work – piece .
The more the designs and the patterns employed or the lines on the body of the work piece which are gold studded with the special knife on the body and decorated with gold wire are delicate , innovative , and artistic the more the quality of the work piece will be.
After the completion of the job of gold studding on steel , a special type of acid is wiped on it and the whole surface is blackened by heating . Finally , all pieces of the job are polished by a file so that is a completely varnished.

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