Burning Leather

On of he oldest Handicrafts in Asia is Burning the Leather .The art of burning has existed from the time of Safavi in Iran . At that time this art was performed on the cover of Koran and magnificent codices. During the period between the fall of the Safavis dynasty to the Ghajar , this art was forgotten .

There are two explanations for the etymology of the art of burning . The first is the use of burnt colors , that is , non – bright and burned colors which are the foundation of the art of leather burning , contrary to art of miniature and Iranian painting.
The second explanation is the creation of relief motifs on calf leather pieces which are burned by two fashions of impact or by red – hot implements . Since it is usual that books are printed in many copies unless in exceptional cases , then the possibility of making book covers by the method of burning the leather with red – hot implements is rare and it has not been usual to create different complex relief motifs on the book covers , so they had to prepare metal stamps with different relief motifs and make the covers by impact method .
The art of burning requires the skill and good command in several different branches such as bookbinding , papermaking , tanning , dying , gold – beating , calligraphy , gilding , furring , and miniature making that being versed on each of them requires different and varied experiences. A burned picture is a collection of authentic arts of Iran along with a a combination of several industries such as cutting lamb thin leather for drawing pictures and Khotaee designs in the margins of the pictures and covering them with gold , bookbinding , furring , an decorating in a way that a miniature picture is formed by sticking pieces of cut leather . Around the four corners of the picture there are poems written by the same leather in black and white in the form of letters spaced and joined together.
The quality of burned works depends on the application of pure and natural materials for dyes , application of pure and processed gold and also the use of quality leather which are properly tanned . Also the beauty and originality of the design is another important point in this regard.

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