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Handicraft Arena is the official website of Gold Key Trading International Company which began its activities in 1990s . Then the company immediately started exchanging art and culture with various countries including Sweden, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Arab countries. As a cradle of civilization, Asia is one of the most ancient and deep-rooted cultures and civilizations in the world. Its historical background are thousands of years old and the Cultural is a term used to describe the area and the geographical expanse in which the Asia culture has been influential and produced various effects throughout its history.




Handicraft Arena is also holding exhibitions and workshops in the field of exchanging arts and cultures through inviting artists from various countries in order to provide a great situation for introducing exclusive techniques and transferring art science and experience among nations.




As the largest and most complete handicrafts reference and database, this website introduces world’s artists and handicrafts as well as providing latest news and information in order to connect enthusiasts from around the world to each other.




Through applying the most recent educational practices and platforms, Handicraft Arena is holding eLearning courses in order to grow artists and discover talents; therefore enthusiasts are able to participate in incredibly low cost and multilingual courses.




Enamel Art

Engraving (Ghalam Zani)

Inlay Art (Khatam Kari)

Miniature Art

Persian Tapestry (Ghalamkar)


Turquoise Inlaying




These handicrafts come in a variety of beautiful designs, colours and sizes.


In Handicraft Arena, our main focus is to satisfy our loyal customers and to provide them with the best quality and the most suitable handcrafts.


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